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The relationship between a tenant and landlord can range from pleasant to tenuous… Learn More


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Mistakes happen. Do not make the mistake of going at it alone. When you or a family member is…  Learn More

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Splitting up is hard on everyone. The process doesn’t have to be painful too… Learn More

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Feel you should sue or are being sued? There is always recourse. You feel like you have done wrong…  Learn More

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Our law firm in Stockton is committed to providing the legal help you need by first examining and reviewing your case, understanding your needs and wishes surrounding the outcome and with honesty and integrity delivering the best possible results.

Communication and transparency are paramount and Attorney Brian Davalos stands on this principle to keep you well-informed, help you make educated decisions and provide advice to stay a step ahead of your opponents allowing you to feel engaged at every step of your case.

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Work WIth A Stockton Law FIrm

Step 1 – Intake

Triage. When presented with a new client matter Davalos Law Firm (DLF) assesses the goals of the client, any pressing issues, court dates or deadlines. A conflict check is conducted and a retainer agreement offered to the potential client.


Client goals are identified, strengths and weaknesses of the case are categorized and a timeline of events is established. Each of these steps creates the roadmap for DLF’s strategy of an attack and/or defense.


Pleadings are drafted and served. Contact with opposing parties is made to develop a rapport and when necessary establish boundaries. A discovery plan is developed by DLF and deadlines for execution of discovery are determined. Foresight into any possible issues or special motions are considered and litigation ensues.

Step 4 – Litigation

DLF proceeds to ferret out the truth in each matter by seeking out all relevant and discoverable evidence available to the Client. Subpoenas, depositions, requests for inspection and other discovery methods are employed to amplify and harmonize DLF litigation strategy with Client goals.


After the discovery process is completed, alternatives to trial are proposed. In some matters judicial arbitration may be ordered. In others, the parties may agree that the uncertainty of trial dictates the parties attempt mediation. This is the last chance to end the case before the matter is placed into the hands of the fact finder(s).

Step 6 – TRIAL

DLF prepares vigorously for trial by meeting with each client, reviewing all discovery and evidence and preparing the Client by running scenarios, testing Client preparedness and memory and also challenging the Client in high stress scenarios. Ultimately, DLF seeks judgment and zealously advocates all the way through to a strong finish.

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enrique c
Enrique Corona
Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

Feeling uncertainty, anxiety, and stress is expected when navigating legal proceedings and definitely amplified when loved ones are the impacted party. As the sons and daughters of immigrants, having to serve as both… Read More

Priscilla Navarro

Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

Joseph Chinn was amazing! I was transferred to him from an attorney that was no help at all. Joseph contacted me right away after receiving my information and worked all hours of the night to help me settle my case. I’m very… Read More

Jon Cotter

Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

Joe Chin was very helpful with anything my grandmother and I needed. Always available and on top of everything immediately. He is one of the nicest and most caring people I’ve met… Read More

Paula Reiff

Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

I am very happy with this law firm in dealing with my real estate issues.
they were very helpful and will definitely use them again if needed… Read More

Laura Monaco

Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

I would strongly recommend them. They were very knowledgeable and I’m very happy with the services I was provided…
Read More

Justin Judd

Davalos Law Firm Stockton Google Reviews
2/02/2020 – Google

Brian is a diamond in the ruff in the Central Valley. He and his team really came through for me right when it really counted. I can’t thank them enough… Read More

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Our law firm in Stockton is comprised of a diverse staff serving justice in northern California. As a client, you will gain a full team of legal support to help you make informed decisions and keep you one step ahead of your opponents.

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