Honestly, most people have broken the law or ended up in legal trouble just once. If you’ve ever driven your car with expired tags, tried an illegal drug, or even just walked across the street without an intersection, then you’ve broken the law. Most of the time, you probably get away with it. But sometimes, you just can’t avoid finding yourself in legal trouble. You may need to get a divorce, you may face a custody battle, you may even get sued by someone or get arrested for something you’ve done. And when you have any kind of legal trouble, you probably already know that you need a lawyer to help you navigate the situation. But when it comes to finding the right law firm to represent your interest, the sheer number of choices out there gets overwhelming pretty quickly. There are lots of different lawyers and lots of different law firms out there. Which type of law firm do you need and how can you find the one that’s going to help you when you need it the most?

Why It’s Hard to Find a Law Firm

The trouble with finding the right lawyer is that there are so many different branches of the law. Lawyers choose a particular aspect of the law to focus on and build their careers around this specialty. For example, you wouldn’t hire a civil litigation lawyer to assist you in a criminal case because you need to hire a criminal defense attorney for this. You need a foreclosure attorney if there’s a problem with your home or with a property that you own, or you’re going to need a family law attorney in Stockton if you’re battling a custody case of some kind. About 40 to 50% of all American couples divorce, so divorce lawyers are very common.

Before you can find the right law firm to help you with your legal issues, you have to first identify what kind of legal issue you’re actually having. if you need to get a divorce or settle a custody dispute, or both, you want to turn to family law attorneys. Are you having a problem relating to your property? You might need an eviction attorney, a foreclosure attorney, or a tenant attorney, depending on your situation. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need to look for a law firm that handles criminal cases. And if you’re being sued for any reason, you need to seek out a law firm that deals with civil litigation.

When you know exactly how to identify and define your legal problem, all you have to do is find a law firm that has lawyers who specialize in this type of law. Do a little extra research, take a little extra time, and make sure you get the right law firm to handle the legal problem you’re facing.

Finding the Right Lawyer

There are ways to narrow down your choices and find a law firm that’s going to serve your needs in the best way. Start by narrowing your search down to your immediate area. You want to stay within your city or within cities surrounding your city, if possible. you may have to travel to meet your lawyer in person and your case is most likely being handled by a court that’s in your local area, so you want a lawyer who understands the legal system where you live and one who can travel to the courthouse and the various places that will be involved with your legal matter. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to look at individual law firms and find just the ones that can handle the specific legal issue you have. This should leave you with only a handful of names on your list.

Now, you can start looking at individual law firms and narrow your list down to two or three. You may find that the first or second law firm you contact isn’t taking new cases right now. Get the list down to three and you should find the right law firm to represent all of your legal interests.