Nearly 827,000 people file for divorce every year. Once those divorces are filed alimony could be awarded. If you are not paid the alimony agreed upon, you have a civil case that needs to be handled by an attorney. A civil litigation attorney knows how to file and pursue what’s considered to be a non-criminal lawsuit. Other examples of civil litigation include personal injury, discrimination, and debt settlement. You can depend on civil litigation attorneys to advise you concerning if your case is better suited for court, or whether it can be handled outside of a courtroom.

What Exactly Is a Civil Lawsuit?

Civil lawsuits follow a court-based process in which one person seeks to hold another person liable for a wrongful act or type of harm. If the case is successful, the party seeking compensation will usually be awarded compensation in regard to the harm or wrongful act caused by the other party. It should be noted that a civil lawsuit can also be pursued in relation to businesses as well as other entities.

Civil litigation can be brought over a residential eviction after a lease has been broken, contract disputes, injuries due to a car accident, or any other disputes or harms. While criminal cases that use criminal defense attorneys may end up with the negligent party being punished by serving time in jail or prison, a civil case gives compensation in monetary forms for damages that are paid from a defendant to a plaintiff.

Use a Law Firm Offering Services for Civil Litigation in Stockton CA

Do you feel like you have been treated wrongfully? This could mean you were wrongfully terminated, or someone that you have done business with decided to breach a contract. Maybe you have been battling a dispute over property whether personal or business. Have you suffered from an emotional or financial injury, even fraud? When you feel hurt, angry, confused, and believe you don’t have any recourse, it’s definitely time to speak with a civil litigation attorney. They can take what seems like an extremely complex problem and give you an inventive and resourceful solution.

Get Legal Protection No Matter Which Side of a Civil Litigation Case You Are On

A law firm in Stockton, CA will thoroughly assess your case and assess any potential exposure before filing suit or providing you with the defense you need while being sued. Rest assured that you will be given the strategies and tools necessary to obtain the greatest and most effective solution in relation to your case. Don’t forget, there’s always recourse. Going through a lawsuit can be a tough process, especially if you do not have an attorney. Use the guidance of a qualified attorney to help you through even the toughest legal situations. If you need a family law attorney in Stockton you can always contact us.