Sacramento Real Estate Law

Real estate litigation is a complicated process that requires an experienced real estate attorney Sacramento residents trust.

The Davalos Law Firm has advised on disputes and litigated cases involving real estate transactions, agency issues, deeds of trust, sales agreements, and more. Our trusted attorneys are experienced in California real estate law and are dedicated to obtaining effective solutions to your legal disputes. If you’re in the midst of a real estate legal dispute or if you’ve been wronged in a real estate transaction, the Davalos Law Firm can make sure you’re adequately represented by a real estate state attorney Sacramento trusts, and your rights are protected.

Real Estate Litigation Sacramento Can Rely On

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing a real estate dispute. The most common real estate law disputes include:

  • Breach of contract: The terms of a contract typically include title clearance, closing date, assets, and more. To prove a breach of contract, the individual who has been wronged needs to prove that they’ve fulfilled their contractual obligations and the defendant hasn’t fulfilled theirs. An experienced Sacramento real estate attorney can help you through this process to avoid breaking any provisions of a contract inadvertently.
  • Failure to disclose property defects: Under Sacramento real estate law, it’s required for property owners to disclose property defects to potential buyers prior to the final sale. If a property owner or real estate agent failed to disclose property defects to you, the Davalos Law Firm can help.
  • Negligence or breach of duty: Sacramento real estate law requires real estate agents and realtors to act in the best interest of their clients and to keep their client’s sensitive information safe and secure. When a real estate agent or realtor is negligent or breaches their duty in these areas, it may warrant a lawsuit.

If you’re currently facing real estate litigation or you’ve been wronged in a real estate transaction, it may be in your best interest to speak to an experienced real estate litigation attorney. To schedule a consultation, contact the law offices of Davalos Law Firm today.

Frequently Asked Questions

My brother and I agreed to buy a home together and put the title in his name because of my bad credit. Now that I’ve made ten years of payments he is trying to sale the house without my consent. What can I do?

You have the immediate right to stop any sale and force your family member to comply with the promise that was made to you.  In many cases friends or more often family members make oral agreements to purchase property together and then place the property in the name of one person alone.  The Davalos Law Firm and Attorney Davalos have encountered many different scenarios like yours and can help you protect your interests and recover what you’ve invested in the property.  Call our office or use our website to schedule an appointment and let’s figure out what the best course of action will be.

I’m concerned because I broke up with an ex-girlfriend a few years back after we had bought a house together and while I am on the title to a property I stopped making payments about a year ago when I moved out. Now my ex-girlfriend is threatening to sale the property without my consent because she says I abandoned the house. What can I do to stop her?

The steps to take immediately are to notify her that you do not consent to any sale without your knowledge and written agreement.  You are entitled to a proportionate value of the home in relation to the financial contributions you have made.  Your ex-girlfriends threat of abandonment is not a legal basis for her taking the entire property from you.  Our office deals with many situations where multiple owners are on title and have disagreements about how the property is handled.  This is not the time to wait and see what happens.  Call our office today and we can discuss your options.

Because I am a first time home buyer I did not know whether I needed inspections or to consult an best about the condition of the home I purchased. The agents I used told me not to worry and that more inspections could affect my ability to obtain a loan so I chose to follow their advice and buy without any further inspections. Now I am having plumbing and foundation cracking issues. What can I do?

Many first time home buyers are overwhelmed by the process and volume of paperwork that is included in purchasing a home.  Often times when a realtor represents both the buyer and the seller, conflicts of interest and breaches of fiduciary duties may be found.  Understanding the remedies you have in your written agreement and acting in time to protect yourself after the discovery of any defects in your home is key.  In some cases you may also be able to recover your attorney fess.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and find out if you have a remedy against the seller or agents involved in the real estate transaction.