A tenant attorney can be your best advocate. There are several times having tenant lawyers on your side is an absolute necessity.

It is important that you have the representation that you need to protect your rights in a landlord-tenant situation. Protecting yourself is very important and tenant lawyers are the ones to turn to.

When Are the Times You Should Turn to Tenant Lawyers?

A tenant lawyer specializes in protecting tenants’ rights and helping them navigate tenant laws. A lot of tenants are not even aware that there are laws that are put in place to protect their rights.
Unfortunately, a lot of tenants accept their situation and do not fight back against their landlords when they have been wronged. If you are dealing with any of these 5 situations you can secure the assistance of a proven effective tenant lawyer:

  • When your landlord does not provide critical services as agreed to in your lease.
  • When repairs are not made in a timely fashion.
  • When your landlord violates your lease through their actions.
  • When you feel you have been prejudiced against by a landlord or property owner based on your race, color, or creed.
  • When you are being evicted, charged unfair fees, or when there is a discrepancy in charges that you paid.

As a tenant, you are entitled to certain agreed-upon services like heat in the wintertime and air conditioning in the summertime. You are also entitled if so stated in your lease, to functioning appliances. If your landlord is not providing services as agreed to, you may have a case against your landlord. You may not be required to pay rent until your landlord starts providing the services as agreed.

The Activities of Your Landlord

Most leases state that a landlord has to give an agreed amount of time before scheduling maintenance and other activities that require them to enter the rental space. In some cases, landlords do not adhere to these agreements.

Your landlord is not allowed to harass you to collect their rent, make threats (other than eviction proceeding threats), talk to the neighbors about you, and take other actions that a debt collector is legally allowed to take. For some landlords, the situation is very personal and they will harass tenants with the hopes of making them move. Tenant lawyers can get the harassment to stop.

You Have Rights As a Tenant, Tenant Lawyers Can Help To Exercise Those Rights

Tenant lawyers Stockton CA tenants have found can ensure that they have an ally in landlord-tenant disputes. If you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, the best way to handle things is to seek the assistance of experienced tenant attorneys. There are laws that can protect you.